the best nail polish you’ll ever use

*disclaimer:  I was provided two bottles of coordinated nail polish from Bad Bitch Polish for this review, Amethyst and Violet Quartz.

I’m not girly in most respects.  But one thing I love, is a good mani-pedi and getting my nails “did”.  You see I have very manly hands, and the shortest, squarest, thumbs on the planet.


See – hobbit thumb!

You know the shit Megan Fox got on the internet for her thumbs not looking “normal?” Yeah, that’s my normal.  Aside from one relative, I’ve met one other woman in my entire 40 years on the planet with my hobbit thumbs.

Pair that with super thin nails with ridges.  Making my nails look good takes either an act    of god, an hour of work by a skilled technician, or just giving up.  Regular nail polish tends to come off in a matter of hours, not days.

And then I was introduced to Bad Bitch Polish.

The creator had similar issues to me, in that most commercially available polishes just don’t hold for squat on my nails.  So she developed her own line.  Small batch, mixed by  hand, made in the USA.  And an added perk for me – 3Free.  NO FORMALDEHYDE! Any  time I ever got a manicure the fumes from formaldehyde triggered a noxious nightmare.

Being a thorough researcher though,  I opted to purchase a few bottles and try the polishes out on my wacky nails a few different ways.  As I was mid-move and stuff when I  started, I actually first tested them on my bare naked nails.  I did a side-by-side comparison with and without a base coat.  I used a mass-market base/topcoat on one  hand, and topcoat only on the other.

Within hours, the hand with the basecoat was peeling off.  The hand without, lasted a week.  I was in shock.  The next test, was on my five year old daughter.  Since the polishes are vegan and also do not contain toluene or dbp, I wasn’t worried about her biting her nails and ingesting the polish.  She actually didn’t.  And the polishes survived recess and a hardcore kindergarten lifestyle for a week as well.


Two coats of Harbor Depths (which to a Whovian is pretty close to Tardis Blue). Note the shine and well, you can still see my ridges. I hadn’t “cleaned up” yet.


One coat of Roar, a glitter polish of aquamarine, silver, white, and blue that just pairs beautifully with Harbor Depths (pictured), and Snow White.

And for the final test – on acrylic nails.  Now, because my nails are weird and things don’t like to stick, I typically get a gel process done with a french or american manicure.      Sometimes I’ll just have the nail stylist just leave them clear so I can play or I’ll do a fun color mix on my own.  I’m so planning to try water marble soon, but I opted to try the test color combo, the February birthstone collection: Amethyst and Violet Quartz.  

photo 2

Amethyst (on tips, instead of “french white”) and Violet Quartz over entire nail.


photo 3

Amethyst (left) and Violet Quartz (right).

Two weeks later, and the color has stayed on my nails (and they take a beating) better than any name-brand mass market polish I’ve used. (And my collection includes Chanel, Lancome, and OPI).  

Aside from the chemical difference, and that it’s a one-woman operation carefully crafting these polishes (you can get the full details at one thing I’ve noticed about these polishes, is the thickness.  You will sometimes only need one good coat to get full color.  Allow for plenty of time between coats if you decide to opt for multiple coats.  On my tips I used washi tape (couldn’t find masking tape) to make the lines, and I did one hand at a time.  I think the density of the polish is what makes the colors so deep and lasting, despite some rough treatment.

BBP has just released the February birthstone collection in their shop, also at .  Other new colors launch weekly on “Mad Scientist Monday,” where facebook followers can vote yay or nay.  It’s not unheard of for a color to sell out, so make sure to stop by.


My BBP collection (to date, I anticipate more joining the stash soon):
Top (l-r) Violet Quartz, Amethyst, Sugarplum Dreams (also pretty on Amethyst)
Bottom: (l-r) Harbor Depths, Roar, Snow White, Yule

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Throwing down the gauntlet. (Or alternately known as: A monthly challenge to all to get writing!)

Good old Wikipedia says: To “throw down the gauntlet” is to issue a challenge. A gauntlet-wearing knight would challenge a fellow knight or enemy to a duel by throwing one of his gauntlets on the ground. The opponent would pick up the gauntlet to accept the challenge. The phrase is associated particularly with the action of theKing’s Champion, which officer’s role was from mediæval times to act as champion for the King at his coronation, in the unlikely event that someone challenged the new King’s title to the throne. Whilst commiserating with several blogger friends lately, we’ve discovered that none of us blog as much/as often as we want to.

So, without further ado, I’m going to throw down the gauntlet. Gauntlet_game_flyerNo, not that gauntlet.  (Although that’s a great classic arcade game. I’ve spent many hours and many more quarters trying to beat that damned thing).        








This gauntlet.   


The challenge subject for January is an easy one: Color.

No specific color, just write something about how color affects you, or your favorite color, perhaps the color of winter where you live. Maybe your little colored the walls.  Maybe your walls need new paint anyway and you can’t choose a color.  To quote skittles, taste the rainbow, and color the blogosphere. 

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2014 – Resolutions

By and large I find the concept of “new year, new me” to be a bit of a cop out.  I’ve had a few rough years the past couple years, and despite my best efforts to try and leave the bad juju behind on January 1, it just never seems to work out. I’ve got one particular piece of bad juju that’s stuck to me like stink on a skunk, and while the odor comes and goes, it’s something that’s just going to need to be around for the rest of my life.  So this year I resolve to deal with it in a creative manner.

I saw this meme a couple days ago on, and it just crystalized what has been bouncing around in my head the past few weeks.

create something

To me, it’s the perfect resolution.  We all say “I’m going to be healthier/lose weight/be more positive” – but sometimes things like that hinge on others.  My resolution this year, is to create something, every day.  Whether it’s a blog post, photography, drawing, something for the house, something in the kitchen, digital media, it matters not. For too long I’ve been stifled creatively, mentally, and ultimately physically.  I’m going to make time for me, and just let it sort itself out.

(*note – the FB page from which I found the meme is a pretty awesome page to follow.)

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Time of the Doctor

What better time to get back to blogging than Christmas and the regeneration?


Yes, this is your SPOILER ALERT of sorts.  I won’t go into a lot of details, I promise, but I am unable to not share my thoughts on the seige of Trenzalore, the regeneration, and what I loved and didn’t, about #Time of the Doctor.

The loves:

Like Eleven, Clara has grown on me. Jenna Louise Coleman has morphed fantastically into a companion for the ages.  I loved how she never took a “no” from the Doctor, even when it may have meant the end of her too.

How Moffat wrapped up the multi-season arc of Eleven and his nemeses.

Wrapping it up with Amy getting the chance to say goodbye to her Raggedy Man.

The regeneration.  “Twelve” (or do we call him Thirteen) was a bit bewildered, as was Clara, but Clara knew to expect something completely different.

More hints as to the return of Gallifrey – which is made all the funnier by this news story ( and meme running around the internet, (which I stumbled upon here

The not so much loves:

I wish River Song had been back, just one more time.  She was such a fit with eleven, like Rose was for ten.

The storyline – seemed to me a little disjointed from where Day of the Doctor ended.  You saw all of eleven’s favorites come together to save him in the fields of Trenzalore but when Time of the Doctor picked up, it just didn’t quite click.  It’s as if all the continuity was scrapped from the anniversary special and they just used Trenzalore as a backdrop to tie everything together, with some lumpy awkward knots.

The plot line with Clara’s family.  I get her grandmother and father – but was that woman supposed to be an aunt or stepmom?

Which leads me to a thought I had, as a relatively new Whovian who binged the past year to get all caught up, in the modern era, is it canon to be orphaned or abandoned by at least one parent to be a companion?

Rose’s dad was dead, as were Mickey’s folks.  Donna’s dad.  Martha’s parents were both alive, but her father had abandoned the family for a younger wife.  Young Amelia was orphaned by both parents, and Rory’s mom seemed to be missing.  River was kidnapped by parents who believed her to be dead, and raised by a psychopath.  Part of Clara’s story was that her dad raised her by himself.

An observation that’s likely been noted before, but struck me last night when I was trying to figure out who the woman was with Clara’s pop at the Christmas table.

And now that the DVR just auto-changed the channel to Daleks in Manhatten:  if the Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel – wouldn’t Ten have noticed?

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And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Allow me to start with the obvious:

Moving sucks.  I’ve done it most of my life, every two to three years as a child (thank you USAF and DoD.)  I did it twice a year (to and from school) in college.  And on average every three years since then.  This move, by far, was the hardest, for many reasons.

First, although difficult, it is not impossible to move the equivalent of a family of four, and a 3br house, across 40 miles in a metro area on a shoestring budget and in a station wagon. Excuse me, “crossover vehicle.”  Harder still when you’ve turned off the power at the old place to save money, and it’s Florida. It’s still averaging above 70 here in the day time. 

Second, doing it around work and school schedules is ridic. 

Third – it’s good to have friends with trucks for the few big things you need (couches, beds.)

I’m finally close to the end, maybe two or three more loads, but it’s nice to get rid of the stress that comes with the bad juju of the house.  My new town is an awesome community.  Whilst moving the first weekend most all of the neighbors came out to introduce themselves and/or lend a hand.  Sunshine loves her new school and is doing well, and Punk – now one – is not just walking, but RUNNING.  

I’ll try and be back Thursday, albeit on Thanksgiving, with a nerdsday post about the recent Doctor Who anniversary special.  Fun things are coming up in 2014 as well.  But as River Song says … “spoilers.”

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The silly things I do when I wake up in the middle of the night …

Well I’ve actually been debating it for a couple weeks now.  With the upcoming move and everything else going on, why not just add this to my list of things “to do,” right?

So this morning/tonight I finally filled out my audition for Blogger Idol 2013.  It’s going to be a challenge, and I’m not quite sure I’m up for it.  But if I don’t try, I automatically don’t win.

The hardest part – deciding which two blogs best represent me and my style.

What is blogger idol, you ask?  A several-weeks long competition between up & coming bloggers.  There are nifty prizes and opportunities to network and grow my readership, which is all well and good.  But for me just getting off my ass and entering, and keeping up with the challenges if selected to the Top 12 (though I really thing Dirty Dozen is a better name) should be prize enough, amirite?

Whether or not I make it in, this is how, in a roundabout way, I got blogging.  My sister shared a link to her friend’s blog & facebook page — Manderstanding — one of last year’s competitors.  She was helping him drum up votes and I found them hysterical.  He later asked me to guest blog, promoted me to a few of his other blogger friends and voila, here I am.

That said, for more details — here’s the page:

There’s sure to be some great material coming out of this, so make sure you follow along with this year’s competition, on facebook, (  twitter (, or both!

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Syria & Cyrus – redux

Diplomacy is:

(as defined by great minds of the 20th century)


The art of letting somebody else have your way.  ~David Frost

The art of restraining power. ~Henry A. Kissinger

and lastly,

The art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock. ~ Will Rogers

My international relations professors (one former DIA, one a Persian ex-pat from Iran) always said diplomacy was the art of speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

In Syria, this week, it seems all four definitions are true.  

To sum up – yesterday a reporter asked Sec. State John Kerry what it would take to keep the U.S. from strategic strikes in Syria, and he said, perhaps tongue in cheek, and certainly skeptically, for Assad to turn over his WMD’s to the UN for destruction, turning them over to the international wrecking ball.  

By nightfall, Russia’s Putin suggested that to Assad, and Assad agreed.  Frankly, I don’t care who gets the credit for the idea if this works, for several reasons:

First and foremost, the U.S. will not be acting alone in yet another nation’s civil war.  Throughout our recent history, we’ve been involved in too many, at the cost of too many American lives.

Second, it gets the chemical weapons out of the hands of a sociopath.  Assad is clearly apathetic to the plight of his own people in comparison to his own family and friends.  He will keep his power at all costs.  He saw what happened to his buddies Hussein, Mubarak, & Qaddafi.  

Third, it pulls the world back from the brink of another cold war, or world war.

The question is – using Frost’s definition, whose way is diplomacy having?  Frankly I’m beginning to think it’s President Obama and the U.S. national interest.  The president is standing there, at the G20 in Moscow, with the biggest stick and the softest voice.  

Putin wants to feel like he’s a player too and keep his oil routes unencumbered, so he jumps at the opportunity to play “peacemaker”.  In just about a week, Assad has gone from we don’t have ’em, to we didn’t use ’em, to “prove it” and finally to the UN, cried “uncle” and is giving them up. 

And last but not least, Congress is dancing around, a little bit like marionettes, because Obama said he was going, and didn’t need their approval.  When they demanded he said, ok, fine. Debate it.  

The legislative shell-shock and gun-shy kerfuffle bought Kerry and diplomacy a little time to work, all the while Obama’s sitting back and saying look – we know you did it, and we’re not letting you do it again.

Call him an idiot if you want, but frankly that’s brilliant.

Ms. Cyrus is smarter than you think too.

If you’ll recall, about a week or so ago I went on a little tirade about how we should really ignore Miley Cyrus’ antics with Robin Thicke at the VMAs and how Syria was just completely being ignored.  That the outrage at her behavior, while ignoring everything else was insane. 

I stand behind that.  And yet here we are again, side by side news headlines – Syria blinks and Cyrus has a new video and OH MY GOD SHE’S NAKED. 

Unless you’ve ever been in a relationship that’s laid you bare and emotionally or physically wrecked you, I don’t expect you to get it.  I’m becoming convinced this kid — the same age as my stepdaughter — is what my mom & grandfather would call an “old soul.”  This song is wise beyond her years, lyrically brilliant, and if you listen first, and look later, you will understand it. Especially if you’ve ever had your heart broken or betrayed. 

And I recommend listening to it here, then viewing it.  Not because of the nudity, but because you need to hear the message and then you’ll get the visual.   It’s here:  Put it in a background tab.

Get off her back.  Even if she twerks up to you. 

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Learning all the wrong lessons about the internet and social media

So earlier today I saw this blog post, a very nice & thoughtful blog written by a clearly concerned mom.  Out of respect for her (like I respect my fellow bloggers) this is the link to her mea culpa.  Like me, she’s got a small blog and frankly I’d have been overwhelmed by this if it happened to me.

She’s trying as hard as she can (and aren’t we all) to raise responsible young men & tries like we all do to keep communication open between her and her kids.  I know it’s hard.  My stepdaughter is 20 and sometimes I want to reach through her facebook page to North Carolina and yell at her “are you seriously ok with putting that picture/post out there?”  And sometimes I do.

But in reading all the comments (and I hardly ever read those, because most days they want me to choke someone for idiocy) I kept seeing people bringing up the same thing.  She’s shaming the girl who posted a picture she thought was questionable, while posting pictures of her kids that others thought were questionable.

The biggest lesson from all of this, is that you cannot control what others think of your pictures or your comments.  And it’s not right for others to blame you for their own thoughts.

This was my response to Mrs. Hall, and I don’t know if she’ll approve the moderation or not for it.  But even if you don’t read her blog, read this because I think sadly, too few people ever think long-term about what they are putting online.

Sadly what’s happening across the board is all the wrong lessons are being learned from your blog Mrs. Hall.

I was linked to the original post by fellow bloggers, one who raved about how awesome it was because she too had sons. And another who was shocked and appalled that you seemed to put all the impurity involved on the girl.

I have three daughters, a 20 year old stepdaughter, a five year old, and a 10 month old. I don’t want them to go around in the world thinking that the impure and sexual thoughts by anyone, male or female, is their fault, based on their clothing or actions. And that was the first takeaway I got from reading your blog.

In your response midway through the comments you were shocked that it was receiving so much attention. I too have a small blog and my mom is one of my most frequent commentators. I get the surprise when something goes viral. Someone along the line will probably say you wrote it in a way shaming girls to draw attention to your small blog and gain attention, exploiting the current rape-culture debates where blaming the girl for her semi-sexy pose and not wearing a bra provoked your son’s thoughts is like saying a rape victim asked for it because she wore a certain skirt.

I’m a Pollyana-type optimist that you truly meant your post from a caring and heartfelt place.

However I think everyone’s taking away the wrong ideas here.

I think the real teachable moments are things other commentators (here and on the original) have mentioned: Nobody is responsible for what anyone else thinks. Yes, to a degree it’s a natural hormonal response for boys or girls to think someone else is cute or “hot” based on the image of themselves they present. Confidence is always an attractive quality. And yes, I am a HUGE fan of modesty – not for the sake of keeping others from having impure thoughts – because that cannot be controlled – but because frankly I’m sick of seeing everything that anyone has to bear. But, you know what? That’s my issue. Not someone else’s.

Another teachable moment missed was you talking to this girl, or her mom, and letting her know that even a speck of glitter on her carpet may show, and her mom may not be aware of what she’s posting.

My point is this – the greater takeaway from this is that once something is posted online, it’s online FOREVER. The internet does not have a global delete button. Somewhere, in someone’s cache files, are the pictures of your sons, that you posted, on the beach. They’re out there now. And there’s nothing pedophiles and internet trolls love more than photos of kids, of any age, half dressed for their own stimulation – be their stimulation sexual or they just get their kicks being jerks to folks online.

Like it or not, some of these creeps have google searches set to show them new pictures when they’re publicly posted, as yours were of your young & innocent boys. For safety reasons I never post pictures of my kids on my blog, and never mention them by name. I’m open about who I am and unlike others won’t post anonymously, because like you, I stand by my words as something I believe strongly in.

That’s the ultimate lesson here – for all bloggers and children (and their parents). Once it’s online, no matter who posts it, or where, it’s out there. You can’t control who approves of it. You can’t control who disapproves of it. You can’t control who ultimately sees it — whether it’s future employers doing a social media search before they offer you a job, or a creep looking for pictures to stimulate themselves.

The only thing you can control is what you put out there. And we all need to learn and teach our children this, above all.

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Geek Gods – My pantheon

A couple weeks back for Nerdsday, I outlined my pantheon of geek goddesses. As usual life gets in the way of regular blogging, and while I went with the semi-sexist “ladies first” I always planned this as a two parter. So here they are – my nominations in no particular order – the geek gods.

ImageIf there was a Zeus of Geek Gods – Patrick Stewart would be it. As Capt. Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek TNG, and later Professor X of the X-men movies, he is beyond any doubt one of the all-time greats. He’s an amazing actor (I’ve never seen him perform badly in a role) and awesome to his fans. I mean really, who makes a cotton candy moustache, besides Sir Patrick?

But he’s a god not just because of his movie and television roles. He’s also a vocal activist against domestic violence and violence against women. And that’s a big reason he’s my Zeus.






ImageIf Stewart is Zeus, George Takei is the geek god of comedy, known first for his role as Sulu on Star Trek. With nearly 5 million followers on facebook, 350,000 on pinterest, and more than 790,000 on twitter, it could be said “Uncle George” is among the funniest geek gods online.

He’s well known for his activism in equality (not just LGBT but racial and economic), and almost as well known for his puns. Some may call them bad puns, but I love puns so nearly all of them give me a chuckle.







ImageTo every hero, there’s a villain. And some lucky folks get to play iconic roles on both sides of the morality scale. Sir Ian McKellan is sublime as the X-men’s Magneto, and phenomenal at bringing J.R.R. Tolkien’s Gandalf the wizard to life.

One of my favorite McKellan memes is the one where he’s wearing a red t-shirt proclaiming “I’m Magneto & Gandalf. Get Over It.”






ImageThis gent’s also known for dual iconinc roles. His shirt says “I’m Han Solo, and Indiana Jones. Get Over It.” Harrison Ford may be nearing his 70s but by god he’s still an action star hero.

Only Ford could’ve pulled off answering “I know” so smugly to Carrie Fisher’s Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. And defeat Nazis so deftly as Indiana Jones, holding his own with Sean Connery.







ImageNathan Fillion. Oh my goodness. How I didn’t know about Capt. Tightpants before Castle is a mystery for the ages. I’m a late adapter, what can I say. I fell in love with Castle as a tv show, and Fillion for his personality. And then I found Firefly. And Dr. Horrible and Capt. Hammer. Occasionally you’ll find him masquerading as Capt. Canada. Even Entertainment Weekly featured him on an issue with the title Geek God.

Fillion is like many other geek gods – proud of his geekiness, and loves interacting with his fans. His twitter feed is one of the few I follow, and honestly, he’s my free pass. (Full disclosure. His squee face is about the cutest thing ever.)








You can’t mention Fillion and his fandom interactions without bringing up Wil Wheaton. He’s an old-school geek god, and I have to admit as a geek myself I’ve been crushing on him since he was Wesley Crusher to Stewart’s Picard. Now known as Sheldon’s nemesis on TBBT, he’s becoming even more known for his missives to fans, whether its parenting advice or equality, Wheaton is a geek’s geek.

And I admit, I had this exact poster on my closet door when I was a teenager. Who kids on the block?






ImageAh, the gents of The Big Bang Theory – making science cool and funny at the same time. Jim Parsons, Johnny Galeki, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have proven you don’t need more than a brain and great comedic timing to win the hearts and minds of millions.

Now in syndication, TBBT has turned the sit com world on its ear. Granted, without the writers the show wouldn’t be nearly half as funny or smart, but these guys are a perfect team.




ImageSpeaking of genius writers – Joss Whedon. I mentioned several of his iconic geek goddesses last time. This is the man behind Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse & more. He’s further lent his talent to bringing the Avengers to the big screen. Without a doubt, he’s the geek god of writing & directing.








ImageWhedon’s compatriot behind the camera – J.J. Abrams. The man behind Lost, the Star Trek reboot, and so many other greats was tapped to finish the Star Wars’ final three chapters. Love him or hate him, he’s a polarizing geek hero.








robert_downey_jr_01Speaking of heroes – Ironman & Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey, Jr. Hollywood’s one-time bad boy is now solid box office gold. His smug charm shows he was born to be Tony Stark. And he’s humble enough that he held out on Avengers 2 to make sure his co-stars made the same bank he did. That’s why he’s a geek god. Not just his roles, but his realization that he’s not the only one who makes it happen.



ImageWhat can you say about Bruce Campbell that isn’t already known. Wielding his “boomstick” in Army of Darkness, he brought a comedic camp to original the Evil Dead series.

Over the years he starred in other fandom favorites, Hercules, Xena, Brisco County, and like many other geek gods – voice over work. There’s nothing quite like hearing Ash when watching Cars 2 with your kids.



markhamill1You can’t mention Star Wars, voice over acting, and Han Solo without including Mark Hamill as a geek god. Fresh-faced Luke had all the girls swooning back in the day. Now he’s heard as the Joker and more on several animated series. Like other geek gods, he has a self-deprecating sense of humor, as evidence by his part in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.




smith And that leads us to Kevin Smith. The penultimate comic book fanboy. While some would consider that an insult, Smith revels in it. Comics and graphic novels have played large parts in his movies, from Clerks to Chasing Amy, Dogma to Strike Back. Anyone who can have this much fun and make a living at it, while entertaining the rest of us has to have a little geek god in him.

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Why Syria Matters – and Not Miley Cyrus.

We need to slow the hell down on our response in Syria.  Anyone who’s paid attention to the news the past few days will have seen the stories of chemical weapons buried in the “news” coverage of Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs, or that one of the Kardashians is in relationship trouble.  Or that Congress is again trying to repeal Obamacare. (Is it 40 or 41 votes now?)

And while Congress wasting its time on this during its summer recess is somewhat newsworthy – it all pales in comparison to what we’re up to now in the Middle East.

There are many, many reasons, but first and foremost in my mind is that if we’re this late to addressing the issue, what harm is waiting until the U.N. and international inspectors/prosecutors going to do?

Syria has been a mess for a long, long time. Only in the past couple years has it gotten out of control.  Where we helped nudge Gadaffi out with an international partnership, there are a lot of lobbiests and war mongers in the D.C. beltway all fired up to get in there and get our (U.S.) troops on the ground. 

Yes, a “red line” has been crossed.  It  is absolutely abhorrent and reprehensible that nerve gas or other mass destruction weapons have been used in civilian villages.  

At a greater issue – is whether Assad’s government or the rebels used it.  And where the folks who used the weapons got it.

Our “certainty” that it was Saddam Hussein’s government maintaining a similar cache got us into the Iraq invasion & occupation.  Political pundits and talking heads with an agenda convinced the American people and congress that Iraq had a hand in the 9-11 attacks. (We know now, Iraq did not.)  Once all was said and done, we’ve spent billions in Iraq, and countless lives and injuries to our military defenders, to wage a war for what ended up being no real reason. 

Syria is an even murkier mess.  Because the civil war has been going on for so long, the anti-Assad groups have splintered.  Some are backed by Al Queda.  Some are backed by Hezbollah.   Some are simply done with being in a dictatorship by an ethnic/religious minority.  Al Queda and Hezbollah have no problem using civilians as a body count to bolster their cause, as well shown in the past both in the U.S.,  and abroad in countries like Australia, India, and Israel. 

2008 Republican Nominee & Senator John McCain famously went to spend time with Syrian rebels and urged President Barack Obama to draw the “red line” in the sand, where the U.S. would go to war.  And one of the rebels he was with, was later identified as a kidnapper of journalists and aide workers. 

My point is, we don’t know who used the gas, when, or why just yet.  It may well have been Assad’s regime.  But it also may well have been rebels trying to make it look like Assad did it to get rid of him.  

As we’re wrapped up in Iraq, and almost out of Afghanistan, it seems to me like there’s a group in U.S. politics who aren’t happy unless we’re bombing someone.  And they’ve now got their sights set on Syria.

I’m 40.  There’s been no time in my life where the U.S. has really known peace.  I was born during the Viet Nam War.  We’ve been active in “peacekeeping” missions in Lebanon in the early 1980s, resulting in more than 250 marines being killed by a suicide bomber at their barracks.  We invaded Grenada.  The U.S. was involved in the Iran-Iraq war.  We’ve funded the Iranians through back-end deals in Nicaragua to get them weapons.  We bombed Libya strategically in 1986.  

We invaded Iraq to drive Hussein out of Kuwait, and have maintained a presence in Saudi Arabia since then.  Everything else is more recent history.

Through all of that, has been the cold war. Even with the collapse of the Soviet Union, relations with Russia have been tense.  And were it not for Putin propping Assad up in Syria with new weaponry and armaments the past two years, odds are this discussion wouldn’t even be happening.

Communism isn’t coming back, but it seems like some old Reagan-era neocons want to pull that iron curtain back up.  Should Putin be holding Syria’s hand? Nah.  But it’s not like we’ve got clean hands either.  The U.S. has often in its history held its nose while pushing forward a dictator.  (Noriega anyone?)

The idea of a U.S. troops on the ground, smack Syria for using chemical WMDs strike gets even more disconcerting when Russia says it’s going to oppose any international/U.N. action and will continue to support Assad.

Yes, the use of gas is repugnant beyond the pale, but so is putting U.S. troops in harms way if we get it wrong.  the U.S. doesn’t need to be globocop.  If the international community is so goddamned outraged about it – let them do it.  Nowhere in the world does it say the U.S. has to pull the trigger first on international war crimes. 

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