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A to Z Blogging Challenge

Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin participating in a month-long A-to-Z challenge.  For a while I was at a loss to the topic to kick it all off.  Then something happened over the holiday that made the “A” obvious.

I could plan out the rest of the alphabet, and sometimes I am that kind of OCD planner.  But I think this time around I’m going to wing it, and leave it open to whatever current topic pops into mind.  (Ok, ok, I just cannot for love or money think of something for B, much less every letter.  And I’ve always worked best under pressure.)

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Why the Will McAvoy Twitter Handle is Awesome

Anyone who knows me, understands why Newsroom is “appointment television” for me. I cannot wait until June when it returns. And yes, I’m going to be following on twitter.

Rethink the Rant

If you’ve never watched an episode of The Newsroom, you should. If your ideals are more progressive, you’ll find it affirming and inspiring. Even if they’re not, the issues raised in the story will make you think. Even if you don’t want to think, the cast is stellar and Aaron Sorkin’s writing is hard to hate. Just do yourself a favor, and give it a couple episodes.

But regardless, you should follow Will McAvoy on Twitter. In the show, Will McAvoy is the main character – a media stalwart who “goes off the reservation” by refusing to play it safe in his reporting at the encouragement of an old love and colleague. On Twitter, he’s a damn force of nature. He nearly religiously engages in debates with the Twitterverse on important political and social issues, blending snark, facts and argument in a seamless tapestry of awesome. His patience…

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For nerdsday consideration

Now that’s a hell of an Easter Bunny … Not sure I’d want that egg though.

(looking at the hands, which look conspicuously like Mickey Mouse – maybe at Disney?)


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Because you can’t change your DNA

In support of the right to marry the person you love. Regardless of color, creed, gender or orientation. Once it was illegal to marry interracially. Once it was illegal to marry outside your religion.

Tomorrow the US Supreme Court will hear two cases regarding marriage equality. The legality of the Defense of Marriage Act and the constitutionality on banning same-sex marriage on a state by state basis.

The thing about civil rights, is that rights shouldn’t be subject to popular vote. Or we’d still have slavery and women wouldn’t be able to vote.

You can’t change your sexuality any more than ethnicity or the rest of your DNA. Telling same-sex couples they can’t marry is like telling blue-eyed people or gingers they can’t marry each other.

Discrimination is wrong.


If you cannot respect my opinion on this, I understand and I’m sorry. I’m trying hard to understand and respect yours.


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Challenging myself

So, via another page/blog I follow on Facebook, I learned about this A to Z Challenge for April.

Essentially, starting Monday (April Fool’s Day) you begin with “A” and work your way through the alphabet, one day/letter at a time. (Sundays are off days).

I figured it would be a good way to stretch my brain and expand my blogging a bit, so I signed up.

There are more than 1,200 blogs already “in” and certainly room for more. Come play, or at least come read.

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REBLOG: “Art for Music” — 35+ Spray Paint Pieces, Installation by Me

“Art for Music” — 35+ Spray Paint Pieces, Installation by Me.

Reblogging this – amazing art and an amazing cause. I know I have a few contacts in the NYC area.  Check it out and maybe spread the word.

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Guilty Pleasures

Admit it. We ALL have them.  Some are treats (reeses cups OMG), some are movies, sometimes books and sometimes mindless television.

It’s a little slice of something that just takes our mind off things (usually) and lets us escape reality for an hour or two.  I’m thinking my most recent one, Doctor Who, is generally acceptable because it’s such a phenomenon.  (Yes, I admit I just found the Doctor a few months ago and my goal is to get caught up by March 30. I did a marathon of the last half of series six today with princess – who loves 11 “with the whiskers, not without.”)  And the whisper in the “Wedding of River Song” makes me rethink the whisper in Silence in the Library … I’m working on my CAL/Clara/River theory.

I also enjoy the hell out of Logo’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  Oh my that’s a guaranteed hour of laughs and drama that no writer can script.

Probably slightly less acceptable — and showing my demographic versatility as I’m right in their prime market — Dancing With the Stars.  I caught part of an episode during Castle’s first season. (Mmmm yum. Fillion.)

And somehow I got hooked.  The mister, god love him, actually will watch both Dancing and Castle with me.  (Still working on the Doc, he’s only seen Rose and doesn’t get it yet.)

Where he draws the line, however, is my worst guilty pleasure.  Musicals.  From my dad I got sci fi and fantasy books.  My mom gave me musicals.  A dear friend of mine from high school introduced me to Les Miserables via soundtrack in the late 80s.  We used to cruise around in either my old Corolla wagon, or her Honda Prelude, listening to soundtracks.  Can you just imagine a pair of teenage girls riding around on an Air Force Base, singing “Master of the House” at the top of their lungs with the windows down and top open?

I don’t often see movies in theaters.  But since Les Mis came out on dvd/etc. yesterday, and my friend has been on my mind the past few days, I talked the mister into the “on demand” rental.

Digression warning: Poor soul made it to Valjean skipping out on parole before he couldn’t do it anymore.  That’s love there.  Even though he couldn’t do Les Mis, he’s still willing to give Phantom of the Opera a shot (because he loves Emmy Rossum from her work in Shameless as much as I love Gerard Butler in well, anything) and maybe Mamma Mia, because he likes Brosnan and Streep.  (I don’t have the heart to tell him Brosnan is tone deaf.)  End digression.

What shocked me is how, though I was in the mood for the happy memories Les Mis invokes, I was emotionally wrecked by the end.  I know the story, I’ve seen the stage production.  I sang every word of every song as the movie progressed.  Maybe it’s because I’m at a point in my life where “empty chairs and empty tables” has more meaning than just the song.  In my life there are now empty chairs and tables where there weren’t 20 years ago when I fell in love with the music.

So I’m wondering – what are your guilty pleasures?  Any good books or series you can recommend?  For books I love the Callahan Chronicles (Spider Robinson), Anne McCaffrey, “good ole J.K.”, Anne Rice & Laurel K. Hamilton, Hunger Games, and anything that’s not as horrid as twilight.

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A little nerdy joy

I’m a fan of George Takei, I follow him on facebook.  I’m sure many nerds and nerdettes do.  So I occasionally will share something he does. Just in case … 

I’ve never really been a trekkie, but Roddenberry was ahead of his time on social issues. Maybe I’ll introduce the princess to the genre.

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The Droids

So, I’m a couple days behind my planned schedule so there won’t be a nerdsday blog.

In lieu of text, I present this, via the always awesome Mr. George Takei.

Sadly, I had to explain it to the mister.


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Just when you think …

… you have the kid all figured out, they go and change it up on you.

The punkin (aka punk) will be five months old on Monday.  Due to a blocked tear duct when she was first born (and the nasty green goo growing in it)  she had to be on some relatively strong antibiotics for the first couple weeks of her young life.  Now, antibiotic allergies are routine in my family, so we try to not get so sick we need them. Punk had no choice, and the damned things really did a number on her developing digestive system.

Big sister, the princess (four going on 14) was such an easy baby, but oh no. Not Punk.  She decided she needed to be colicky.  I can’t count how many brands and types of formulas we went with until we found the right stuff – Similac Soy.  I’m still reluctant to use it because of the fructose corn product in it, but she doesn’t scream like her leg is being ripped off from gas pains anymore, so it’ll do for another month or so until we start solids. 😀

(Yes, I know tatas are tops for feeding but medication I had to be on for fibromyalgia sort of eliminated that option.)

That said, back to the topic at hand. Finally, about two or three weeks ago, she started sleeping in stretches greater than four hours a pop.  For one full week she went from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.  Hallelujah! Alert the media! Praise the angels!

And then it happened.


Again, princess got her first four easily, at three months old. Punk, on the other hand, is going to do it her way.  And her way looks to be the top two and at least three on the bottom, any time now.

While I don’t want to rush a minute of her life, because I know these days go by so quickly … dammit can’t we just get the teeth over with? Please? Mommy’s gonna lose her damn mind.

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