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Time of the Doctor

What better time to get back to blogging than Christmas and the regeneration?


Yes, this is your SPOILER ALERT of sorts.  I won’t go into a lot of details, I promise, but I am unable to not share my thoughts on the seige of Trenzalore, the regeneration, and what I loved and didn’t, about #Time of the Doctor.

The loves:

Like Eleven, Clara has grown on me. Jenna Louise Coleman has morphed fantastically into a companion for the ages.  I loved how she never took a “no” from the Doctor, even when it may have meant the end of her too.

How Moffat wrapped up the multi-season arc of Eleven and his nemeses.

Wrapping it up with Amy getting the chance to say goodbye to her Raggedy Man.

The regeneration.  “Twelve” (or do we call him Thirteen) was a bit bewildered, as was Clara, but Clara knew to expect something completely different.

More hints as to the return of Gallifrey – which is made all the funnier by this news story ( and meme running around the internet, (which I stumbled upon here

The not so much loves:

I wish River Song had been back, just one more time.  She was such a fit with eleven, like Rose was for ten.

The storyline – seemed to me a little disjointed from where Day of the Doctor ended.  You saw all of eleven’s favorites come together to save him in the fields of Trenzalore but when Time of the Doctor picked up, it just didn’t quite click.  It’s as if all the continuity was scrapped from the anniversary special and they just used Trenzalore as a backdrop to tie everything together, with some lumpy awkward knots.

The plot line with Clara’s family.  I get her grandmother and father – but was that woman supposed to be an aunt or stepmom?

Which leads me to a thought I had, as a relatively new Whovian who binged the past year to get all caught up, in the modern era, is it canon to be orphaned or abandoned by at least one parent to be a companion?

Rose’s dad was dead, as were Mickey’s folks.  Donna’s dad.  Martha’s parents were both alive, but her father had abandoned the family for a younger wife.  Young Amelia was orphaned by both parents, and Rory’s mom seemed to be missing.  River was kidnapped by parents who believed her to be dead, and raised by a psychopath.  Part of Clara’s story was that her dad raised her by himself.

An observation that’s likely been noted before, but struck me last night when I was trying to figure out who the woman was with Clara’s pop at the Christmas table.

And now that the DVR just auto-changed the channel to Daleks in Manhatten:  if the Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel – wouldn’t Ten have noticed?

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