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The silly things I do when I wake up in the middle of the night …

Well I’ve actually been debating it for a couple weeks now.  With the upcoming move and everything else going on, why not just add this to my list of things “to do,” right?

So this morning/tonight I finally filled out my audition for Blogger Idol 2013.  It’s going to be a challenge, and I’m not quite sure I’m up for it.  But if I don’t try, I automatically don’t win.

The hardest part – deciding which two blogs best represent me and my style.

What is blogger idol, you ask?  A several-weeks long competition between up & coming bloggers.  There are nifty prizes and opportunities to network and grow my readership, which is all well and good.  But for me just getting off my ass and entering, and keeping up with the challenges if selected to the Top 12 (though I really thing Dirty Dozen is a better name) should be prize enough, amirite?

Whether or not I make it in, this is how, in a roundabout way, I got blogging.  My sister shared a link to her friend’s blog & facebook page — Manderstanding — one of last year’s competitors.  She was helping him drum up votes and I found them hysterical.  He later asked me to guest blog, promoted me to a few of his other blogger friends and voila, here I am.

That said, for more details — here’s the page:

There’s sure to be some great material coming out of this, so make sure you follow along with this year’s competition, on facebook, (  twitter (, or both!

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