Oh my … my first bloggy award!

From the wonderful Sarah at The Momisodes (http://www.smn0409.blogspot.com)

It’s the “Shine On” award.  Now, when she accepted it, she threw in a Florida Georgia Line reference (I got, it’s a geographic necessity for me …) but I’m going to go with the ever-classic John Lennon “Instant Karma” for my music-monday reference.  



So, there are apparently directions with this thing.  

Step 1: Take this here handy dandy picture and you put it on the post and/or on your blog. (Above).
Step 2: Link back the person who bestowed upon you this award. Done – above as well (Sarah – and here’s her facebook page – I suck at hyperlinking in WordPress. https://www.facebook.com/themomisodes )
Step 3: Seven facts about me:
Step 4: Spread the fun to 15 more folks. Now that may be tricky. 
Well then: Seven Facts
1:  I have the most ridiculous allergies – aloe & agave. (among others.) No sun burns or margaritas for me.  
2: Mops are the bane of my existence. I’m so grateful for swiffers.
3: I’d lived in four states and two countries (on two continents) before I was 11. 
4: By the time I was 20 I only added two more states.

5: I actually have a degree in newsprint journalism and political science, and half finished an International Relations MS concentrating in the Middle East. 

6: I hate diamonds.

7: I’m addicted to pinterest.  (but it’s under my real name)

So – now to find 15 blogs/friends to pass this on to (that nobody else did). Yeah. Maybe five?

Crazy Dumbsaint Of The Mind http://dumbsainthood.wordpress.com (awesome gal. Sadly I’m going to get her twice because she’s got an awesome new food-frugality blog)

Fitness After 40 http://mell1972.blogspot.com/  (I’ve known her for more than 20 years … she just started this blog, lets give her some love)

Gemperline’s Bike And Train Film Productions (Gemperfilm) http://www.gemperfilm.com/ (trains, planes, and bicycles.)

Poor as Folk http://poorasfolk.wordpress.com/ (did I mention that I suck at hyperlinking in WordPress?)

Manderstanding https://www.facebook.com/Manderstanding  (Cinko fails at blogging)  http://manderstanding.com/

The NY Mom – http://thenewyorkmom.com/ (someone else I’ve known 20+ years. Dancer, mom, social-media guru)

Cape Cod Scrapper – http://capecodscrapper.blogspot.com/  (amazing artist in paper & mixed media. If you’re thus inclined, Julie is a phenom.)


The CrazyMothereffers http://thecrazymothereffers.blogspot.com/  (also newish like me to this blogging thing. Hella funny.)

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3 thoughts on “Oh my … my first bloggy award!

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Aww, thank you, lady 🙂

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