Musical Monday

So Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” has been growing on me.  The groove is funky and fun, I love the harmonies and I like the rhythm to it.  Especially the version he did with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon (and hell, I’m a Kimmel & CraigyFerg fan).  

If you haven’t seen it – you’ve seen (and at some point in your childhood played) all the instruments they’re using.

Now then, there’s a lot of controversy over the original video and the lyrics.  Some feminists say it’s promoting rape culture.  And I  can to a degree, see their point. (Unrated version:

By the same token – If you flip that, and do it Salt n Pepa “Shoop” style – ( and it’s empowering.  I can see where Thicke thinks that’s what his motivation was.

And while it’s been redone by female artists (oh my god the voices on these gals) and done well (and I found out about it after I speculated that P!NK should have redone it because she’s got the chops too and wow what fun it could be to see her video) I wish they’d gone just a little less campy in their video rendition. 

Take a listen – close your eyes.  The voices from these gals rock.  

Heck, maybe Mr. Thicke and Pharell can get with these gals and do a fun mash up duet.

And maybe music can be just about a little fun, a little groove, and some good beats. 

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