Guest Blogging Today @DeBie Hive – Growing Up Multicultural

Guest Blogging Today @DeBie Hive – Growing Up Multicultural

Kelly is awesome, she’s given me some fantastic advice on navigating the blogosphere and then asked me to guest blog on her page.

This is actually the first of three parts about growing up in the military and the military mindset.  Parts two and three are going to delve more into current events.

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One thought on “Guest Blogging Today @DeBie Hive – Growing Up Multicultural

  1. Thank you SO much! My Dad was in the Air Force only as long has he needed to be because of Vietnam and the draft. When he was done he walked away. I still view the world through the lens of Hill AFB Area C. New friends every day, adventures on the big green lawn and the gentle, comforting rumble of jet engines flying over my bedroom window.

    Life simply made sense.

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