Procrastination … and politics.

I’m great at it.  In sixth grade, my social studies teacher at Bitburg Middle School informed my mother I had a terminal case of procrastination.  I’ve always worked best under deadlines (probably why I went into news) and tend to put things off until the last possible minute.

Not to long ago, I reminded someone that I put the “pro” in procrastination – and then was called an epicrastinator – because my procrastination was on such epic levels I deserved a new word. 

I’d love to blame procrastination for why I’m about ten days behind on the A to Z challenge, and just now getting to P – but that’s only a part of it.  Teething punk, princess getting through a growth spurt and a spate of general confusion and starting a new job has kind of derailed what little free time I had.  (And my netbook died, so fighting the mister for control of the PC when we both tend to want to be on it at the same time, or spending time together away from connectivity has been tricky.)


That said, I’d originally planned to rant about politicians being in the pocket of special interests, particularly on the heels of the failed universal background check law.  I’ve seen the comment that just like NASCAR drivers or pro football (and by that I mean what us Americans call “soccer”) players — senators and congressfolks should wear patches on their suits so we know who’s sponsored them.

When 90% of the country agrees that expanding basic background checks on gun purchases to the gun show and internet (40% of all sales) market, and only 54% of the senate even votes for it, it further illustrates how our democracy has turned more into an oligarchy.

Today, while three- and four-year-olds are getting kicked out of Headstart programs, and state legislatures in Tennessee and West Virginia are deciding to tie food assistance for the poorest of the poor and the most voiceless of our nation — the thing congress had to fix was airline delays at major airports.  In time for their one-week spring break.  Heaven forbid they have to wait like us plebeians.

Thankfully some of our elected representatives have started to speak for those who cannot speak for themeselves, including Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, who said, “We’ve got to save the traveling public but I ask the question about 5,000 children in Texas that will lose Head Start or the millions of seniors or our military families that will lose the support because we’ve got the sequester.” 

Others said the platinum-level frequent fliers calling their congressfolks and senators got undue attention, since the three and four-year-olds most impacted by Head Start and food assistance cuts aren’t going to call up their reps.  That doesn’t mean children cannot be activists.  (see the second link below.)

Two excellent blogs on this issue come from Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind – if you don’t follow her, you should (or at least check her out.)

Where West Virginia reps thinks kids ought to work as janitors in exchange for food assistance:

Tennessee tries to tie food assistance to standardized test scores:


I’ve never been a big Whitney Houston fan, but can appreciate her talent as a vocalist.  And I appreciate her sentiment that children are the future.  Maybe together we can try to get our “representatives” to quit lining their pockets with special interest funding, and start moving in a direction that ensures not only our children, but all children have a future worth looking forward to.

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3 thoughts on “Procrastination … and politics.

  1. kdebie

    Yay!!!! People to be angry with me and crazy dumb saint!!!! If we yell loud enough, people will hear us. 🙂

  2. Fantastic ! Now if only the politicians would listen, and then do the job they were “hired” by their constituents to do!

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