I’d considered a couple other topics — ignorance and intolerance, two pet peeves of mine — and instead opted to go with something a little more positive and creative today. 

I’m a Pinterest junkie. I have 57 boards and a gazillion pins. I draw inspiration anywhere.  I’ve always loved photography, art, design and decor as much as writing.  Friends take me shopping with them because I have a good “eye for color”.  (I hate shopping, unless it’s an art supplies store.)  But really, anything inspires me, and I figured I may as well share a few of my inspired creations.


I think my love for all things nerdy is what gears me toward steampunk designs.  I will have a steampunk-design themed office in my next place.  

I’ve gotten some self-adhesive copper sheeting which I’m going to cover my IKEA laminated table/desk with, then use Rustoleum’s hammered metal paint in rosemary to redo the legs, and have it match my filing cabinets which I redid last year. 

I love this paint!!!



In addition to the filing cabinets, I got really really bored with my uberpink tape gun.  

Before & After:










ImageSomething else inspired in-part by Pinterest was a subway art piece (2×4.5 feet) I created for the mister’s future dugout/mancave.  This one took a lot of thinking through and I’m glad he loved it, because boy, I don’t know if I’d do this again.  I don’t know. Maybe for my Buckeyes, or something for the girls. 😀   I rounded up baseball quotes he liked, painted the melamine board in Rays colors with the Rays logo.

I printed the quotes and then used carbon paper to transfer the basic outline to 5×7-inch canvas board, and used acrylic paint to hand-paint the quotes on. I affixed them to the larger board using various sized blocks to give the piece depth.  A couple other mixed media items (enamel paint and Distress Stickles) for texture and voila – wall art.

 (Yes, those are my hobbit toes … surprisingly the only photo I have of this complete was taken with my phone. Bad photographer. Bad.) 


I think my biggest inspiration though, is wanting to make pretty things for my girls, family and friends.  Since things home-wise are a little in limbo, I haven’t done this yet for my daughters.  Once we get relocated and things settled, they’ll get their own monogram wall art.  But for Christmas for my nieces, they all got a custom canvas monogram to their own interests.  The tricky one was the teen who loves all things Parisian, zebra, pink, and black. Thank heavens the other girls are still young enough you can have fun and not be quite as grown up. 













My inspiration lately though, is mostly the beach and my girls.  I’ve been through a lot the past few years.  Had the rug pulled out from under me, then was swept off my feet.  Lately I’ve been in a bit of a limbo (and I don’t mean the fun flexibility of dancing) while things work themselves out and finalize on a couple fronts.  



My point, I suppose, if I had one, is get inspired. Be inspired.  Create, play, and have fun. Find inspiration where you may, and run with it. 

(if you have any interest in seeing some of my other creative efforts, including some photography & digital design work, my other, not updated in about a year blog is .  Man, I really gotta get on the stick with that.)

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Pinterest has quickly grown into a creative necessity. It could very well take the place of Google when searching for information on this or that subject in the future. 🙂

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