Doctor, Doctor ….

I’d originally had a couple other, more serious topics in mind for the A to Z challenge – domestic violence and divorce.  Since the serious stuff is still pending in the courts, and it’s nerdsday, I’ll fall back on option C – Doctor Who.

I discovered the Doctor relatively recently.  Whilst trawling the “geek” section of pinterest, I kept finding all these funny quotes and memes about Nine, Ten, and Eleven.  It piqued my interest, because I remember as a kid, watching an episode or two with my dad of Doctor Who, in the era of Five.

I set about getting the series recorded on the DVR, and wouldn’t you know “Rose” was not scheduled until halfway through the recording run.  So that’s where I started, with Nine & Rose.  First episode, I didn’t quite get it.  But I hung in there, and watched a couple more.  The next thing I knew, I was introduced to Capt. Jack Harkness (Torchwood is my next series to catch up from the begninning) and within two days voila, I’d watched the entire series.

And had to wait for BBCA to catch up on the recordings again.  I started to stall out with Eleven.  I love Tennant, and Eccleston’s sardonic take on the role was perfect.  I think the Shakespeare episode was my favorite.

I caught up (finally) with the last three episodes, last weekend,  Just before the Bells of St. John.  And then the punk had a meltdown and I didn’t get to watch all of it uninterrupted.  What I did see, I enjoy. I miss the Ponds.  I really love the character of River.  There are all sorts of blogs and sites speculating who Clara may or may  not be, but frankly I think I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride, wherever it takes us.  To overthink it, would simply be “spoilers.”


PS – Due to unforeseen circumstances yesterday, C will be out of order and posted by Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor ….

  1. Another Doctor Who lover – yay. I agree about loving River and hope to see her again even though Amy has gone – or has she?? Can’t wait to find out the story behind Clara.

    • Well the author of Clara’s book the girl came from in Bells of St. John was “Amelia Williams.” One popular guess is that Clara is CAL from the Silence in the Library. I wonder if Clara’s River, kicked out of the library. The wikipedia episodes page suggests River will be back toward the end of this series though. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy.

  2. Humm a lot of food for thought – I do like Ameila Pond the girl who waited – gotta love River too!

    • I liked Amy best of the companions, though each has a special talent and interaction. My favorite episode is Vincent. Bar none. (But seeing Starry Night has been on my bucket list since I was a teenager and didn’t even know what a bucket list was. Don McLean’s Vincent song makes me cry everytime.)

      Rose and Nine/Ten was a beautiful love story. Martha was whip smart and who couldn’t love Donna for her humanity.

      Just not sure about Clara yet. She’s so perky.

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