Because you can’t change your DNA

In support of the right to marry the person you love. Regardless of color, creed, gender or orientation. Once it was illegal to marry interracially. Once it was illegal to marry outside your religion.

Tomorrow the US Supreme Court will hear two cases regarding marriage equality. The legality of the Defense of Marriage Act and the constitutionality on banning same-sex marriage on a state by state basis.

The thing about civil rights, is that rights shouldn’t be subject to popular vote. Or we’d still have slavery and women wouldn’t be able to vote.

You can’t change your sexuality any more than ethnicity or the rest of your DNA. Telling same-sex couples they can’t marry is like telling blue-eyed people or gingers they can’t marry each other.

Discrimination is wrong.


If you cannot respect my opinion on this, I understand and I’m sorry. I’m trying hard to understand and respect yours.


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One thought on “Because you can’t change your DNA

  1. Peggy

    Right on!!

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