Manic Momdays

Not the Bangles song that people “of a certain age” know from their youth.  Mondays take on an entirely different level of crazy when you’re a work-at-home mom to a 4-year-old and 4-month-old.  Particularly when the older child is as headstrong as her mother, and has vpk in the afternoons.

I suppose it’s my fault for not really enforcing a routine at the house, but since the school year started we’ve dealt with the arrival of a little sister, a litany of other challenges, and well, neither of us are exactly “morning people.”

I’ve read dozens of web sites, expert opinions, and blogs. Queried my own mother more times than I can count (and apparently, I was just like this) to no avail with getting our stuff together.

She’d rather build lego castles and play with her baby sister than get ready for school, but heaven forbid she misses school. She loves school. She’s independent and social, which is great. She knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to say what’s on it.  Occasionally to her detriment, and occasionally to everyone’s hysterical laughter.

This is a kid who loves dirt, legos, and running around in a tiara with “pretty hair.”  Lately that’s been the solution – no pretty hair for school if she doesn’t get her breakfast eaten, dishes put away, dressed and ready to go.

Logic with a four year old is a Sisyphean task, and with my luck this “pretty hair” phase will only last a couple more weeks.  But, I’ll take what I can get.   Image

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One thought on “Manic Momdays

  1. Nicole Knott

    Very good writing, Krisa! Maybe the new hair thing isn’t a phase, she could be getting ready for cosmetology school, at a very young age.

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